Stop the Threat/Stop the Bleed

Let's face it, we are living in very uncertain and dangerous times. Get the training and skill sets to better protect yourselves and your loved ones. No one is immune to crime or violence. 



6-7pm will be Stop the Bleed training. Most people die from loss of blood if wounded or severely injured. Students will learn how to properly apply a tourniquet to themselves and to others. Students will also learn about hemostatic agents that help stop severe blood loss, as well as pressure points. 


7-9pm will be Stop the Threat training. This will be 1 hour in the classroom going over firearm basics, as well as advanced skill sets. Students will also learn more about the use of Deadly Force and Indiana laws regarding self-defense. After the classroom session, students will move to the range for 1 hour of self-defense shooting drills. 


This is a great opportunity to receive two very important skill sets. 


> Max 10 students.

> $150 


NOTE: For those only interested in attending the Stop the Bleed training, the cost is $75. This means for those wanting to take both sections you will need to sign up for both the Stop the Threat and Stop the Bleed.


Please share with anyone you believe might be interesting in this training course. 


~ We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training ~

Click here to sign up: Stop the Bleed

Click here to sign up: Stop the Threat

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