Carry Gun Matches

Carry Gun Match

Time: Shooters Meeting 5:20 pm sharp First shot immediately after.

Anyone not at the shooters meeting will not be able to shoot the match.

If you sign up and cannot shoot it is up to you to sell your slot.

Place: Parabellum Firearms and Indoor Range

Cost: $20 Shooters must sign up/ pay online.

The philosophy behind this match is for it to be a shooting test as related to real world, every day carry that any armed civilian may encounter. It will be a match since we are keeping score. There will not be gun restrictions, nor caliber restrictions. The courses of fire will always be between one and twelve shots. A shooter will have to do a mandatory reload after a sixth shot in courses of fire requiring more than six shots.


There will be two divisions. Open, which is anything goes. Limited, which means no optics, lasers, lights, or ported barrels. The gun must be worn to the match and worn from the match. There will be no safe area for gun handling. The gun must remain in the holster except when on the firing line under the direct observation and authority of the range officer. After completing each course of fire the shooter will change magazines and safely re-holster and therefore be ready for the next course of fire. Prior to each course of fire the shooter will be given the opportunity for a press check. No sight pictures maybe taken during the press check.


This match will be shot from concealment. The gun and holster must be completely concealed while standing with both arms extended and raised to the shoulder level. All reloads must come from a concealed position on the belt or from a pocket.



Ear and Eye protection

Holster that securely attaches to a belt (No ankle or shoulder holsters)

2 magazines or speed loaders (3 would be best)


Intro to Carry Gun

This class will introduce new shooter and competitors to the very popular Carry Gun matches that are run at Parabellum each month. These matches give those people that carry on a regular basis a chance to test and hone their skills. This class explain the rules and procedures of this class to shooters, and how the scoring works. All questions will be answered. The class will then move to the range for a live segment that will expose the shooters to the rules and procedures and offer instruction on the techniques that will help them to prevail in a real world encounter as well as helping them perform well in these matches. Shooters enrolled in this course should carry their gun to and from class. There will be no gun handling in the classroom. We will be running a hot range during the live fire segment.

Round count 200. Will need a gun, holster, three magazines, ear and eye protection and a good belt. Concealment garments are mandatory.


Must be present for the shooters meeting. Late shooter will not be admitted and no refund will be issued.



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